AKUNNA Godson Gabriel

Name: AKUNNA, Godson Gabriel

Job title: Assistant Lecturer

Email Address: gabrielgodson@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08038619526


AKUNNA Gabriel Godson is an assistant lecturer in the department of Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. He worked as a research assistant and a tutor prosector in the College of Medicine, Lagos State University, Ikeja, Lagos where he studied for his Master’s degree and graduated as the best student in his class with a CGPA of 4.26 from a 5-point scale. He has a sustained track record of published scientificfindings in revered journals with high impact factor. He has demonstrated standards of excellence and a growing reputation in his research area of reproductive and developmental Anatomy. A significant portion of his research is primarily devoted tofertility, anti-fertility and anti-diabetic potentials of various medicinal plants, toxicological implications of commonly used products, mechanism pathway of varicocele-induced male infertility and the role of free radicals in male infertility.His studies on allethrin-based insecticides provided an excellent animal model for the study of male infertility. Three dimensional deductions in some of his reports provided the first quantitative evidences in animal models. He is currently under the mentorship of senior colleagues both within and outside the University community. He is presently teaching gross anatomy, Histology and Embryology to medical science students while studying for his doctorate degree in the University of Nigeria, Enugu State.



Gross Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

Reproductive Biology

Developmental Biology.


Cell Biology and Genetics

Cancer Biology

Anatomical techniques and Biomechanics

Medical education



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