About Us

The Centre for Internationalization, Linkages, Advancement, and Global Ranking works with the faculties and departments to create, identify and disseminate opportunities for strategic collaboration across all disciplines and countries; and to negotiate, structure and implement international strategic partnership agreements.  The Centre also explores avenues for the development of the University through fund raising, endowments, grants, donations and other acceptable means to achieve its mandate. The Responsibilities of the Centre includes improving the standing of the University in international league tables, policy formulation on international education, recruitment of international students and staff, coordination of the development of international agreements and promotion of the internationalization of the curriculum at FUNAI.


  • Provide strategic advice to the University on international matters
  • Facilitates philanthropic support and investments from companies, foundations and other stakeholders to promote the development of the University
  • Oversee university-wide strategic partnerships and serve as first point of call for new international partnership enquiries and proposal, including requests for meetings and visits to FUNAI campus
  • Provide advice to faculties, departments, and centres in developing and scaling up mutually beneficial international collaborations and partnerships
  • Source for international linkages and collaborations with other universities/ institutions/organisations for human resource capacity building and knowledge transfer
  • Coordinate overseas visits by Senior University representatives and inward visits by senior overseas delegations
  • Manage students and staff exchange programmes, visiting scholar scheme and fellowships such as FUNAI Visiting Fellowship, Erasmus, Newton, Marie Curie, etc.
  • Organise orientation programme for incoming international students and for FUNAI students going abroad for exchange programme
  • Develop an internal Quality Metrics and Ranking system for programmes and services across the University
  • Develop and implement strategy for the creation of online visibility for the University
  • Facilitate applications for residence permits and visas for international students
  • Provide advice to students on general travel information and safety tips locally and internationally
  • Assisting international students and new academic staff recruited from the diaspora in obtaining local accommodation.