A Brief History of the Department

The Department of Agriculture was established in 2016 in the Faculty of Agriculture. The first batch of students were admitted into the Department of Agriculture in 2016/2017 academic session.  The programmes being housed under the Department of Agriculture are: Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal Science, Crop Science, and Soil Science.

Philosophy of Department of Agriculture

Agriculture is a key sector of the Nigerian economy. For the transformation of the Nigerian agriculture to a modern scientific and technology-driven sector, the training of appropriate manpower is imperative.


The Head of Department of Agriculture administers the various Programmes through committees. In the Department there are various committees such as Board of Studies, Appraisal committee, Examination committees, Time table committee, Accreditation committee, Welfare committee, SIWES committee etc. Each member of staff belongs to one or more of these committees, which takes decision on different aspect of the Department. The Head of Department normally goes with the decisions of these committees. The line of authority descends from the office of the Vice-Chancellor as Chairman of Senate through the Dean of Faculties to the Head of Department.

Head of Department’s Welcome

It has been observed that some students who gained admission into the university to read some degree programmes request for change of Programme/Departments after the first year. If the change was not granted they resort to either retaking the JAMB examination or just reluctantly complete their initial programmes hoping to go back to the University after graduation for different programmes. Such students probably might have taken to their initial programmes either because they were desperate to enter the University or they were forced to read the courses due to the admission policy of the University. Other however might desire a change of programmes because they were ignorant of the career opportunities available to them after graduation. These challenges might have arisen due to inadequate pre- University occupational information.

There is therefore need to make known to the prospective recipients of degree training in Agriculture in the Alex-Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) and other prospective candidates, the vast array of career opportunities open to them on graduation so that they can adjust and make success in them for their personal satisfaction and benefit to the society at large. There is also the need to make the student in the Department to be acquainted with the rules and regulations guiding the award of degree in the Department. It is my hope that as you peruse these pages of our departmental web link you will be properly guided.

Dr. Jane Munonye
Department of Agriculture.


Dr. Jane Onuabuchi Munonye is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Agriculture, Alex-Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Nigeria. She obtained; Bachelor of Agric., Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees all in Agricultural Economics with specialty in farm management. She proceeded to the University of Manitoba, Canada where she obtained a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Agrology. She further got a training fellowship in Aeres University of Applied Science, Barneveld, Netherlands. She is a fellow of Orange Knowledge Program organized by Dutch government. Munonye Jane research areas include Agricultural production, Agricultural marketing and policy.  Jane has acquired tremendous experience both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. She worked as a research Assistant at University of Manitoba, Canada.  She has diverse experience in farm management and research and has done feasibility studies of Agricultural projects. She has 19 years of working experience in the University, both in Nigeria and diaspora. She has attended many conferences, workshops and has published many articles in peer reviewed Journals.

Statutory (or advisory) committees

  1. Examination Committee
  2. Time table
  3. Departmental Appraisal Committee
  4. Staff advisory committee
  5. Research and Seminar
  6. SIWES Committee
  7. Fourth Year and Farm Practical Committee
  8. Staff Welfare
  9. Departmental Curriculum Committee

Active Research Groups

  1. Group A: Legiums and Agronomic practises group Led by Dr. Jane Munoye
  2. Group B: Climate Change and Agric. Led By Dr. Robert Onyeneke
  3. Group C: Climate Smart group Led by By Dr. C.O. Igberi
  4. Group D: Technology Adoptions and Graze Management Led By Dr. Olaolu Michael O.
  5. Group E: Youth and ICT in Agriculture Led by Dr. OkoIsu
  6. Group F: Vitamine A Biofortified Cassava Study Group