Our Directors

Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwu

Ag. Director, Campus Green Initiative

Dr. L. Ogugua

Ag. Director, Quality Assurance & Database

Dr. A. C. Ekwe

Ag. Director, Centre for Adaptive Research & Fabrication

Prof. J. Ogunji

Director, Academic Planning

Prof. M. U. Onuu

Director Centre for Educational Services

Prof. I. Osakwe

Director, General Studies

Prof. F. O. Okpata

Director, Human Resource Development

Prof. O. O. Ugwu

Director, Research and Development

Prof. F. N. Nwalo

Director, Internationalization, Linkages, Advancement and Global Ranking

Dr. Arua Oko

Ag. Director, Igbo (Iruka) Centre

Prof. Chuks Okereke

Director, Climate Change & Development

Engr. Dr. Ngozi C. Eli-Chukwu

Ag. Director, ICT

Dr. C. O. Elom

Ag. Director, Centre for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning

Dr. Emmanuel Nwaeze

Ag. Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Employability

Dr. Ven. O. Ibezim

Ag. Director, Language Centre

Dr. Ngozi Uduma

Ag. Director, Centre for Gender & Women Studies

Dr. C. Chukwu

Ag. Director, Extension and Community Service

Dr. A.N. Obasi

Ag. Director, Partnerships

Dr. A. I. Adeolu

Ag. Director, SIWES

Dr. Uche Ufere

Ag. Director SERVICOM

Dr. C. C. Uwaleke

Ag. Director, FUNAI Outlook/Consultancy

Deputy Directors

Dr. C. Ogbaekirigwe

Deputy Director, CES