Facts and Statistics

In the last quarter of the year 2010, the Federal Government of Nigeria in order to grant more access to higher education to those leaving the secondary school system across the land, announced that it would establish more Federal Government owned universities in the country. In deciding the location of these new universities, it was imperative for the government to ensure equity in the spread of higher educational opportunities across the nation. It was therefore not surprising, that the new institutions had to be located in those states where Federal Government owned universities were presently lacking. Ebonyi State of Nigeria has not only remained as the only state in the South East Zone of the country that is officially recognised as educationally disadvantaged, but was also the only state in this zone that had no Federal Government-owned university located within the borders of the state. The Federal University Ndufu-Alike in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State is one the new universities that Government eventually established in the first quarter of 2011. The other eight new universities are located in Dutse (Jigawa State), Dutsin-Ma (Katsina State), Kashere (Gombe State), Lokoja (Kogi State), Lafia (Nasarawa State), Otuoke (Bayelsa State), Wukari (Taraba State), and Oye-Ekiti (Ekiti State).

The people of Ndufu-Alike in Ikwo Local Government Area have generously allocated a large parcel of land of about 438 hectares for the establishment of the campus of the new university. The area of the donated land is almost double what is statutorily required by the law for the building a university in Nigeria. A part of this land presently hosts one of the Model Secondary Schools in the state, the Community Secondary School, Ndufu-Alike. Students of this school are being relocated to another school immediately after their end of year examinations in July 2011 while their school compound will now constitute the take-off point of the new university. The school compound presently has enough buildings to serve as offices, class rooms, laboratories, and hostels for the in-coming students. Modification of some of the existing buildings and the provision of electricity and running water to the premises are priority projects that are being embarked upon to ensure a smooth take-off of academic activities as soon as possible.