ABC Chemistry
Accessibility of a great number of online chemistry journals is subjected to a mixed paying policy: the publisher may grant free access to a selected set of volumes (issues) while the admission to the rest of the database may be open just to subscribers or paying visitors. Quite often the information on the availability status is hidden deeply in the publisher’s website pages and this complicates finding the free part of content.

Academic Journals
Academic Journals is a broad-based publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals. It currently publishes 111 open access journals covering art and humanities, engineering, medical science, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences and agricultural sciences.

Academix is an Africa focused digital library offering access to a large pool of multi-disciplinary learning resources. In addition to over 100,000 Africa focused resources, we offer a gateway to over 30 million research items from our international partnerships. Academix offers distinct benefits to students, researchers, universities, governments and businesses. If you would like to find out more about these benefits

African Digital Library
A public library of more than 8, 000 books free to anyone living in Africa. You must register online (again, for free) to use this resources.

African Journal Archive
The African Journal Archive is a retrospective open access journal service that preserves and makes available African journal literature dating as far back as 1906, originating from a wide base of publishers and societies on the African continent. The Carnegie Corporation of New York initiated and sponsored the Sabinet Gateway project. Sabinet is pleased to make it available as a collection via the SA e-Publications platform.

African Journal Online
A Collection of 434 Peer- reviewed journals across the curriculum published in Africa.You must register online (for free) to use this resource.

AGORA: Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture
A library of more than 3,000 online journals in Agriculture and related fields made available to developing countries through the food and agriculture organization see Library or System Liberian for login information.

American Institute of Physics (AIP)
AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). AIP Publishing’s mission is to support the charitable, scientific and educational purposes of AIP through scholarly publishing activities in the fields of the physical and related sciences on its own behalf, on behalf of Member Societies of AIP, and on behalf of other publishing partners to help them proactively advance their missions. AIP Publishing’s portfolio comprises 19 highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals, including the flagship journals Applied Physics LettersJournal of Applied Physics, and The Journal of Chemical Physics, in addition to the AIP Conference Proceedings.

American Physical Society

The Physical Review Journal collection of 13 leading peer-reviewed research journals includes Physical Review LettersPhysical Review XPhysical Review, and Reviews of Modern Physics. Upon registration, users have access to physics journals, their articles and other related publications

Annual Reviews


Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society.  Annual Review articles hold a unique place in the scholarly communication ecosystem because they transfer expert knowledge synthesized from the exponentially expanding corpus of scientific literature to scholars and society. To create this impactful content, we bring together expert Editorial Committees in each covered discipline and facilitate meetings where members can discuss trends in each field and select relevant topics for review. Authoritative authors are then invited to submit reviews, and they readily accept the challenge to help shape and define their field as a service to scholars and society. The number of Annual Review journals continues to grow over a broad range of disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences, including Economics. The creation of a new title indicates that the amount of original research in a field has reached a critical mass.

ARDI: Access to Research for Development and Innovations


A Library of more than 2000 major online scientific and technical journals made available to developing countries through the world Intellectual property organization. Also a number of important reference works.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library


The ACM Digital Library is a research, discovery and networking platform containing: The full-text collection of all ACM publications, including journals, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters and books. It is also a collection of curated and hosted full-text publications from selected publishers. The ACM guide to computing literature, a comprehensive bibliographic database focused exclusively on the field of computing. A richly interlinked set of connections among authors, works, institutions, and specialized communities

Beech Tree Publishing


Portico is a digital preservation service provided by ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to help the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. Created in 2002, Portico was founded to build a sustainable digital archive to serve the academic community and to enable publishers and libraries to feel secure and to realize tangible benefits as they transitioned to greater reliance on digital content. Portico began as a project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to further its seminal E-Journal Archiving Program. Today, Portico is among the leading digital preservation services in the world.

BioMed Central


For over 15 years, we have been making scientific research freely accessible and discoverable through partnerships, innovation and collaboration with the scientific community. Dedicated to open research, we now publish over 290 quality peer-reviewed journals in Biology, Clinical Medicine and Health.

BioOne Complete


BioOne Complete is an aggregation of 200 high quality, subscribed and open-access titles focused in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. For subscribing libraries, BioOne Complete offers a cost-effective, curated collection of independently-published journals. More than three-quarters of the subscribed titles are ranked in Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports, and 45% are available online exclusively in BioOne Complete.

Cambidge University Press


Cambridge University Press publishes a wide range of high-quality academic content across Cambridge Core, including leading journals, research monographs, reference works and textbooks. It is actively engaged with Open Access (OA). We publish a number of Gold OA journals and books and work with publishing partners such as learned societies to develop OA in different communities. Find out more on our open access policies page.

Cochrane Library


The Cochrane Library (ISSN 1465-1858) is a collection of six databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making, and a seventh database that provides information about Cochrane groups.

Directory of Open Access Book (DOAB)


The primary aim of DOAB is to increase discoverability of Open Access books. Academic publishers are invited to provide metadata of their Open Access books to DOAB. Metadata will be harvestable in order to maximize dissemination, visibility and impact. Aggregators can integrate the records in their commercial services and libraries can integrate the directory into their online catalogues, helping scholars and students to discover the books. The directory is open to all publishers who publish academic, peer reviewed books in Open Access and should contain as many books as possible, provided that these publications are in Open Access and meet academic standards.

Directory of Open Access Journals


 A Listing of open access (free) online journals across the disciplines published Worldwide. Some will be of higher quality than others.

EbookCentral (PROQUEST)


Ebrary offers e-books from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas along with powerful research tools as part of the Academic Complete collection.

User name:


See Librarian or System Librarian for login information.

Ebscohost Online Research Database


Offer a broad range of full text and bibliographic database designed for research.

User name:



  1. Soc INDEX with full Text
  2. EconLit with full Text
  3. Academic Search Complete
  4. Computers and Applied Science Complete
  5. Science and Technology Collection
  6. Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection
  7. Entrepreneurial Studies Source
  8. Humanities Source
  9. Political Science Complete
  10. E-book Collection (EBSCO host) (Trial)
  11. E-book Academic Collection Trial (TRIAL)
  12. Applied Science and Technology Source (TRIAL)
  13. Regional Business New (TRIAL)
  14. Business Source Complete (TRIAL)
  15. Health Source-Consumer Edition (TRIAL)
  16. AHFS Consumer Medication Edition (TRIAL)
  17. Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (TRIAL)
  18. Master File Complete (TRIAL)



Free online courses offered by Havard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California at Berkeley (UCB), three of the leading University in the United States.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Centre)

URL: Portal/search/basic.jsp

Maintained by the U.S. Department of Education, it is the World’s large database of information on education. In August 2012 the management discovered that some documents revealed sensitive personal information about individuals and stopped access   to full text of most documents, leaving only the abstracts. Work is continuing to resolve the problem and restore access.


A large collection of books, largely in popular culture, downloadable for free.


A collection of more than 700 free e-journals from around the world across the curriculum.

Google Gateway for Free E-journals



A constantly growing collection of e-books some with full text and many with preview information.

HINARI: Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative


A library of online databases, full-text journals and other resources made available to developing countries through the World Health Organization. Includes the U.S. PubMed database (see below). See Librarian or System Librarian for login information.

User name:


Ibadan journal of Sociology


Ibadan Journal of Sociology is a biennial peer-reviewed journal that considers articles from sociology, anthropology and other related disciplines. The journal has a special focus on all aspects of social relations and the impact on social policies, practices and interventions on human affairs. 
IJS focuses on the needs of individuals for reporting research findings, case studies and reviews. We offer an efficient, fair and friendly peer review service and are committed to publishing all sound scientific studies, especially where they advance knowledge in any human endeavour.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Electronic Library


The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) e-Library simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools. You will find information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade and aid, technical assistance, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction, and so much more.



A directory of online sources on academic information maintained by the University of California at Riverside Library.





Full back files of more than 1,500 core journals across the curriculum; also includes certain archival collections.

See Librarian or System Librarian for login information.

National Academic Press


Publisher for the U.S. National Academy of Science, National Institute of Medicine and related bodies, the press provides about 4,000 titles in pdf format, downloadable for free. Register online to search for materials in the natural and social science and education.

National Virtual Library


A collection of journals and other resources across the curriculum maintained by the National Universities Commission (NUC)

User name:


See Librarian or System Librarian for login information.

Nigerian Medical Library


It publishes original articles, reviews, memoranda, reports, case reports, reports of meetings as supplements letters, … It is an official publication of Nigerian Medical Association available at:

OARE: Online Access to Research in the Environment


An international public-private consortium coordinated by the United Nations Environment programme to provide access to online journals in subjects related to the environment to developing countries.

Open CourseWare Consortium


The site for the group of universities throughout the world that post for free on the web all the materials created by professors for their students and pin this area is the Massachusetts Institute of technology, whose materials are available at

Open Humanities Press

URL: http:/

A collection of peer-reviewed books and journals in the humanities made freely available from time of publication.



It provides free access to carefully selected 370,000 full-text publication and resources related to family planning and reproductive health; with support from United State agency for international Development (USAID).

Project Gutenberg


More than 40,000 free books, downloadable or readable online.



The U.S. National Institutes of Health’s open access library of online journals in the life of sciences and medicine.

Research in Agriculture and Applied Economics (AgEcon)


AgEcon Search:Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics collects, indexes, and electronically distributes full text copies of scholarly research in the broadly defined field of agricultural and applied economics including sub disciplines such as agribusiness, food security and supply, energy and natural resource economics, environmental economics, policy issues, international trade, and economic development. Content includes conference presentations, working papers, journal articles, government documents, and theses and dissertations. It is a non-profit subject repository co-sponsored by the Department of Applied Economics and the University Libraries at University of Minnesota, operating with guidance from an international advisory board and partners including:

TEEAL: The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library


Provides access to hundreds of essential agricultural journals, No internet connection required, Download full-text articles and abstracts; read, save and print your search.

The university of Chicago Press


Books have been our passion for 120 years. We publish approximately 250 books a year, have published over 11,000 books since our founding, and have over 5,500 books in print today. The Journals Division has a rich publishing history. Of the more than seventy periodicals and serials currently published by the Press, fifteen were founded more than a century ago and several were the first scholarly publications in their respective fields. It only provides access to abstracts of books and journals in all fields of endeavour.



Searchable and downloadable data from 34 databases of statistical data collected by the United Nations and its agencies since the beginning of each organization, with links to the national statistical agencies of all member countries, including Nigeria.

United State Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library


The National Agricultural Library holds more than 3.5 million items covering all aspects of agriculture and related sciences. The depth and richness of the collection make it a unique resource, with many materials not available anywhere else in the world.



An online encyclopedia created and maintained by volunteer users. Often has excellent current information in science and technology as well as general information on a wide variety of subjects, including much that is available only in highly specialized publications. Although often a good place to start, because it has no editorial control, it is not acceptable as the sole source of information for academic writing.

World Bank Country Data


Country by country information about World Bank Operations, including full text of many research reports about the country. The address for the Nigeria page is

Academix  Journal

Journal of Biotechnology

The Journal provides a medium for the rapid publication of both full-length articles and short communications on novel and innovative aspects of biotechnology. The following areas are covered in the Journal:

* Nucleic Acids/Molecular Biology 
* Physiology/Biochemistry
* Biochemical Engineering/Bioprocess Engineering
* Industrial Processes/New Products
* Medical Biotechnology
* Agro- and Food Biotechnology
* Genomics and Bioinformatics

Journal of Biomedical Informatics

The Journal of Biomedical Informatics reflects a commitment to high-quality original research papers, reviews, and commentaries in the area of biomedical informatics. The journal emphasizes reports of new methodologies and techniques that have general applicability and that form the basis for the evolving science of biomedical informatics. Articles on medical devices; evaluations of implemented systems (including clinical trials of information technologies); or papers that provide insight into a biological process, a specific disease, or treatment options would generally be more suitable for publication in other venues.

Biology — Open Access Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Journal

Journal of Biology

Open Science Journal (OSJ)

Open Science Journal (OSJ) is multidisciplinary Open Access journal. We accept scientifically rigorous research, regardless of novelty. OSJ broad scope provides a platform to publish original research in all areas of sciences, social science, humanities, including interdisciplinary and replication studies as well as negative results.
OSJ is high quality Open Access (OA) online-only journal. Articles are published Open Access under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).

Open access journals

All articles in open access journals which are published by Elsevier have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

Open Access Journal

The Open Access Journals was founded with a mission to develop a reliable platform and to provide unrestricted access to scientific literature for rapid dissemination of recent updates in various disciplines of science and technology. Readers can have access with no cost and avail the facility to enrich their scientific understanding in the relevant topics. Research scholars, faculty members and academicians of various disciplines are invited to submit their novel contributions in the form of original manuscripts which will undergo quality check before being approved for publication. Publisher will promote the published articles across world-wide web through different social media following the open access regulations.

Science-Direct Open Access Journal

Pure Gold Open Access Journals

The following lists the pure gold open access journals published by SAGE. All articles published in the journals provide worldwide, barrier-free access to the full-text of articles online, immediately on publication under a creative commons licence. All articles are rigorously peer-reviewed retaining the quality hallmarks of the academic publishing process that authors would experience in publishing in any traditional SAGE journal. Most SAGE pure gold open access journals are supported by the payment of an article processing charge (APC) by the author, institution or research funder of the accepted manuscript. For more detail visit the specific journal websites.


Herbert Open Access Journal


Taylor and Francis Online

Science Direct

Oxford Open

OUP has been publishing OA content since 2004. Since that time, ‘gold’ OA has grown dramatically and proven effective in some disciplines. For example, Nucleic Acids Research moved from a subscription publication to an OA model in 2005 and has gone from strength to strength, earning its highest impact factor ever in 2013. We have also successfully launched or taken over high-quality OA titles, including: Genome Biology and Evolution, Journal of Legal Analysis, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, and Database.


1. Free Book

2  DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals

3. BIOMed Central

4.  Chemistry Central (Open access to Chemistry)

5.    Zaccheus Onumba Diziaeze Memorial Libraries (ZODMC) library.php/

6.    Free Medical Journals

 7.    African e-journals Project

8.    Internet Scientific Publications (one of the World’s Largest Online Medical Publishers)

9.    Dentistry 2000

10.     Internet Scientific Publications (one of the World’s Largest Online Medical Publishers)

11.    PLOS (Public Library of Science)

    PLOS Medicine 

    PLOS Biology

    PLOS Genetics

    PLOS Pathogens

   PLOS Computational Biology

   PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

  PLOS one (All areas of Science and medicine)

12.  Medknow Publications

13. ScholarlyExchang

14.   Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Journals in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science,Dentistry, Ecology, Engineering, Geosciences, Material Science, Math, Medicine, Neuroscience, Nursing, Pharmacology, Physics, Social Science

15.   AqZines:  A Harvest of free Agricultural Journals (United States Agricultural Information Network)

16.   dmoz Open directory project (Agricultural Publications)

17.  dmoz Open directory project Science: Biology: Publications: Journals

18. dmoz Open directory project Science: Technology; Materials,  Journals

19.    dmoz Open directory project Science Publications journals

20.   dmoz Open directory project Science Publication

21.   Bentham Open (various fields)

22.  Selected scientific journals Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Crop Science

22.  AJFUND ONLINE (African journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development)

23.  Life Sciences and Agricultural Journals

24.   HireWire (Stamford University)

25.    ABC Chemistry (free full-text Journals in Chemistry)

26.    Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, University of Nevada, Reno

27.   Strategian (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics and Psychology)

28.   IOP Science (Physics, Science and Technology)

29.    Natural Resources Canada (Geological Survey of Canada) URCAN Library – Van Couver (Earth Science)

30.    Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS Journals) (Wiley Interscience)

31.    Online Particle Physics Information (Particle Physics Journals & Reviews)

32.    Physics Journals 

33.   PhysNet (Physics related free-access Journals)

34.   Biotechnology (Applied Biochemistry) 

35. (Cornell University Library) (Physics, Mathematics, Nonlinear Sciences, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, Statistics)

36.  American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications (Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry)

37. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

38.   Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

39.  University of Delawire Library (Electronic Journals for Chemical Engineering)

40. Free Download Engineering/Science/Technology books

41.  Chemical Forums

42.  Gateway for free e-journals (over 700 free e-journals in various fields)

43.  Versita (Central European Science Publishers) (Various Fields)

44. International Institute for Science, Technology & Education  (IITSTE) 

45. International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)

46.  The Free Library

47   Scientific Research Publishing   (SCIRP:

It is an academic publisher of open access journals. It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has more than 200 open access journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine.



*ONLINE EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT* -Tuft University -Univesidad Politechnica, Madrid -Utah State University -University of Michigan -Nore Dame University


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