Public Relation

The Public Relations Unit is the official mouthpiece and image making organ of the University under the Vice Chancellor’s Office. In the present dynamic world of knowledge where information and communication is critical in harnessing and shaping public perceptions and attitudes, the Public Relations Unit serves as an interface between the University and its publics.

The Public Relation Unit as the authoritative spokesman of the University manages the spread of information and ensures that the official policy decisions and statements of the University are relayed to the different stakeholders and actors to avoid misconceptions while also relaying the responses of publics to the management for further actionable decisions. In a nutshell the unit helps the University Management to evaluate and measure the attitudes, opinions, and sentiments of the public towards its actions and decisions.

The Public Relations Unit aims to persuade the public, prospective students, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about the University, its leadership, programmes, and academic activities. Common activities include working with the press and supplying written content for news and feature articles together with arranging interviews for University authorities, speaking at press conferences, and internal/employee communication to ensure that the University earns public understanding, goodwill and acceptance.

The Public Relation Unit of FUNAI is composed of seasoned media experts with domain and experiential competencies in the Print and Electronic Media Journalism and Broadcasting, Advertising and Public Communication.