Department of Business Administration

I have the pleasure to most warmly welcome you to the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike (AE FUNAI), Ebonyi State Nigeria. Department of Business Administration is one of the leading departments in the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) and has seasoned members of academic staff who are leading experts in their fields,  and passionate about building world-class students. Most of our staff have industry experience which will impact positively on students learning experience and skills development. Our non-academic staff are second to none in providing administrative support to our students.  At the Department of Business Administration, students’ success is our priority and we are the number one choice for students seeking a truly transformational and pedagogical education.

Our curriculum is highly diversified. We offer subjects ranging from human resource management,  marketing management, innovation management, quantitative techniques, total quality management, business policy and strategy, international business, corporate planning, career management, accounting, globalization and business, economics, and business analysis, et cetera.

Our cutting edge interdisciplinary research approaches imbued with theoretical and empirical rigour with policy-oriented focus places the department ahead of her peers. We have state of the art facilities in the faculty and university that enable students to build their skills and learning experience. Our visual learning environment (MyFmss) keeps students and staff connected at all times. This means that distance is not a barrier in the department.


Business Administration Department started its journey as a programme under the Department of Accountancy, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship in 2012/2013 academic session, in the then Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (FUNAI). With the creation of Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) in 2016, the Business Administration programme was carved out from the Faculty of Humanities and hosted as a 3-in-1  programme in the Department of Accountancy, Business Administration, and Banking/Finance in the  FMSS. On 1st September 2019, Business Administration Programme became a full-fledged Department in the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences with Dr. Isaac Monday Ikpor as the pioneer Head of the Department. The Department offers a four-year degree programme, leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Business Administration. Our postgraduate programme enables students to specialize in the core area of management. The Business Administration course is designed to offer students a broad-based theoretical and practical knowledge in Business Management and Entrepreneurship that will enable them to take up top management positions in both government and public sector organizations.

Thank you for your interest in business administration and in joining a thriving academic community which has excellence and integrity as ultimate hallmark. For more enquiries and support, feel free to contact us.