Department of Economics And Development Studies
The Department of Economics and Development Studies is one of the pioneer academic disciplines of this University. The academic activity took off in the Department in November 2012/2012 session. It began with six (6) academic staff (two Association Professors – one full time and one on sabbatical leave, two Senior Lecturers and two graduate assistants) but the academic staff strength has now increased to eighteen (18). The department also started with a twenty-one pioneer BSc. Honours’ students drawn from all geo-political zones of Nigeria. In its third year of existence, the Department has fifteen (15) third-year students, forty- two (42) second-year students and 49 one hundred-level students.

The academic Programme of the Department is sound, rich, and wide in scope and industry-oriented. The curriculum was carefully designed to cover various aspects of Economics and Development: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Economics, Development Economics, Resource Economics, and Health Economics. The programme was also designed in line with the course unit system and in accordance with the NUC Minimum Academic Standard. Students also take General Studies ancillary and elective courses in such disciplines as Accountancy, Political Sciences, English language, Computer Sciences, etc.

In due course, the Department will be separated into two – Economics and Development Studies, if resources permit.