Faculty of Management Sciences
About us

Welcome to the Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS), Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI).

  • Department of Accountancy and Banking & Finance
  • Department of Business Administration

The faculty offers a suite of innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering most of the key areas of Management Sciences disciplines. The Faculty has a global focus in all its activities and aims to foster a culture of academic and professional excellence. This global outlook supports our goal of promoting internationalisation and diversity in programmes and research. The research collaboration and international experience of our academic staff underpin this sense of internationalisation.

The Faculty is in an exciting and ambitious phase of its development. We are developing strong collaborations with many prestigious universities throughout the world. We encourage our staff to enhance their global network by teaching abroad and forging research collaborations with colleagues in prestigious universities in Africa and other parts of the world.  This has led to research collaboration and high-quality scholarly publications with scholars at the University of Melbourne (Australia),  Kings College London (UK),  University of Jaume (Spain), University of Bradford (UK), Bournemouth University (UK), Northern Illinois University (USA), Brunel University (UK), University of Liverpool (UK), University of Bath (UK), University of Swansea (UK), University of Southampton (UK), University of Lincoln (UK), University of Kent (UK), University of Newcastle (UK), Pan-Atlantic University Lagos Business School (Nigeria), University of Nigeria Nsukka (Nigeria), INCAE (Costa Rica), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Salzburg (Austria), Hunan University (China) among others.

Many academic staff are leading experts in their field, as evidenced by publications in high impact factor journals, membership of editorial boards of prestigious international journals, the award of research grants funded by prestigious and highly competitive research bodies, and so forth. Their knowledge and expertise inform the course content to make sure our students have a high-quality learning experience, informed by the latest developments in the subject and drawing on the best original research from the leaders in the field. This means that our academic programmes are at the cutting edge of thinking and practice, and our students benefit from being taught by experts who are passionate about the subject and at the top of their field.

We also believe that students need international skills to excel in a globalizing labour market.  We emphasize the internationalisation of our curriculum to enable our students to gain an international educational experience while studying in FMS. We aim to offer several student mobility/exchange opportunities through the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme with the University of Kent, and international exchange programmes with other universities in Europe, North America, and Asia. We offer an environment in which students are challenged to enhance themselves intellectually, professionally, and creatively, and we strive to prepare our students adequately with employability and entrepreneurial skills for the competitive world of work nationally and internationally and to instill in future leaders the ethos of responsible leadership and global citizenship.  The faculty organises a range of capacity building workshops and programmes designed to equip its undergraduate and postgraduate students to compete in the global economy. As an undergraduate or postgraduate student, you will join a thriving academic community and graduate with exceptional career prospects.

We hope our webpages will tell you all you need to know about us, but please feel free to contact us if you need further information.