Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI) in Ebonyi State of Nigeria was established in 2011.  The University currently has a College of Medicine and seven Academic Faculties as follows: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences and Faculty of Science.

Overview of the Fellowship Programme

The AE-FUNAI Visiting Fellowship Programme is open to academics at other institutions wishing to contribute to academic activities in AE-FUNAI. The programme provides opportunity for Nigerians in the diaspora or scholars with an established or emerging international reputation and an active research interest in an area(s) of scholarship falling within the research interest of academic staff of AE-FUNAI to spend one to twelve months in the University. A visiting fellow whose application is successful will be granted affiliation to one of the departments of the University during his/her time at AE-FUNAI.

Visiting Fellows Activities

  • Research- Visiting Fellows will use their time at AE-FUNAI for data collection, data analysis, writing for journal publication/ grant writing, often on a joint project with one or more AE-FUNAI staff members.
  • Curriculum co-development- Visiting Fellows can also participate in curriculum co-development in a priority field of study and /or expand curriculum in emerging disciplines.
  • At the end of their stay, Visiting Fellows are expected to present a Faculty/ University-wide lecture. A Visiting Fellow will also be expected to submit a report on his/her achievements and experience at the University to the Vice-Chancellor, through their HOD and Dean of Faculty.

Applicants are expected to satisfy the following criteria when they submit their application:

  1. Hold a PhD from a reputable university
  2. Be a member of a University, or similar institution, outside of Nigeria
  3. Have the ability to fulfill research objectives as proposed
  4. Have the ability to contribute to research seminar programmes and other academic activities within the University.
  5. Must have published books and/or articles that meet international standards.


An application should include the following documents:

  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • One letter of recommendation from a professor in the applicant’s discipline
  • A statement of the purpose of the visit, its scholarly and /or applied relevance
  • The proposed relationship with on-going work at AE-FUNAI (Applicants are advised to relate their proposal to the research interests of academic staff of AE-FUNAI, which can be found on the university website)
  • A tentative work schedule
  • The planned output (e.g., book, article, research grant)
  • A copy of at least one paper published in a Thomson Reuters ranked journal

Programme Benefit
If the visiting fellows has no other financial sponsorship, the University will cover the costs of a return ticket, provide local transportation (back and forth the University daily), basic accommodation and meals throughout the duration of their stay in the University.


Application deadlines are as follows: 30th of October and 30th of April each year. Applicants should be aware that it might take up to six months before your fellowship takes place.

If you require further information or interested in submitting application materials, please contact:

Email: registrar@funai.edu.ng